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State lemon laws have been created to protect consumers when they have purchased a defective vehicle. Typically, a lemon law requires a manufacturer to provide a refund or replacement for a defective new vehicle that is not repaired within a reasonable number of attempts. Most such laws provide for refund or replacement when a substantial defect cannot be fixed in four tries, a safety defect within two tries or the auto is out of service for 30 days, within the first 12-18,000 miles/12-24 months.

Beyond state lemon laws, a consumer has the right to a refund or replacement of a lemon vehicle under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). The main difference is the UCC law does not define a lemon, so it's up to a court to decide if an auto company must give you a refund or a new car. The federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act provides for the award of attorney fees from the manufacturer if you have to sue to return a lemon under the UCC. Many state lemon laws also provide for attorney fees.

State Lemon Laws

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