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Latest Recalls

February 20th
Vehicle May RollawayBeing able to shift the transmission without pushing the brake pedal and/or without a key in the ignition can increase the risk of an unintended vehicle rollaway that may result in personal injury or a crash.NHTSA Campaign Number: …
February 20th
Brake Switch may MalfunctionHaving the brake lamps continuously illuminated or being able to shift the vehicle out of PARK when the brake pedal is not pressed (and the ignition is in the RUN mode) can increase the risk of a crash.NHTSA Campaign Number:&n…
February 20th
Head Air Bags May Not Fully InflateIf the head air bag does not inflate properly in a crash, it can increase the risk of injury.NHTSA Campaign Number: 18V097000Manufacturer BMW of North America, LLCComponents AIR BAGSPotential Number of Uni…
February 20th
Incorrect Information on Tire Label/FMVSS 110If the operator were to load the vehicle based on information on the tire information label, they could overload the vehicle, increasing the risk of a crash.NHTSA Campaign Number: 18V096000Manufacturer&nbs…
February 20th
TPMS Settings Incorrect/FMVSS 138If the vehicle fails to warn the driver of low tire pressure, driving the vehicle may result in tire tread separation, increasing the risk of a crash.NHTSA Campaign Number: 18V088000Manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover…

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